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These notes are only intended to assist in the general concept of how various competitions are played. They must be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf, in particular the Committee shall lay down the conditions under which a competition is played (rule 33)

  • Ambrose Competition
  • American Foursomes
  • Canadian Foursomes
  • Flag Competition
  • Four Ball Best Ball v Par
  • Four-Ball Aggregate Stableford
  • Four-Ball Best-Ball Stableford
  • Four-Ball Handicap Matchplay
  • Foursomes
  • Medley Competition
  • Mixed Four-Ball Best-Ball v Par or Stableford
  • Mixed Foursomes
  • Par Format
  • Scratch or Pennants Matchplay
  • Single Stableford
  • Single Stroke
  • South African Stableford Pairs
  • Split Sixes
Ambrose Competition

Team stroke event, usually played by a group of four, but can be any number. Each player plays a tee shot at each hole. The captain then selects the best drive, which is then played by its owner. The other members retrieve their balls and in turn drop within one club length of the selected position and play their second shots. This procedure of selecting the best position continues until a ball is holed. When on the green, balls are placed on the selected spot. This event can be played as a gross event, with each group having a spread of handicaps, or as a handicap event where a fraction of the aggregate handicaps is used. For groups of four for e.g. all handicaps divide by eight.

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